We are an agency – but not as you know it

by Emma Sexton.

10 May 2020.

You already know that visual design and creativity are fundamental to the success of your brand. We understand the too-frequent frustration of projects being delivered by creatives with no business acumen or deep understanding of your objectives.


We want to enable our clients to leverage design, to make their hard work land effortlessly with their audience and to put that much-needed business rigour at the heart of all of their creative projects.

Our agency model is born from our founder, Emma Sexton’s, extensive experience of working both agency-side and in-house. Emma launched MYWW™ in 2013 with a commitment to giving our clients the very best of both of these worlds. Our core team get behind your brief and business objectives and then execute projects through the best-in-class experts in our Creative Community.

Think of us as your creative translators, we’ll leave you better than when we found you.

Over the years, we have refined our pioneering Inside Out™ briefing process. To us, a successful project means translating your business objectives into brilliant creative outcomes. We’ve even found that our collaborative process often gets ‘borrowed’ by our peers and clients as their new way of working.

We are redesigning ‘business as usual’.

In addition to shaking up our agency business model, we have shaken up the way we work by operating as a ‘remote first’ business. This means we are not tied to one set of creatives and one tired-looking office space but are free to work with the best talent and find the optimum creative environment to do that from. In addition to this, we fully embrace flexible working for our people and the environmental benefits. We are always happy to share our experience – and learnings.

We are the enablers and champions of In-House Creative.

It’s why we created the Inside Out™ Awards. Launched in 2013 to showcase the very best of in-house creative teams and their work, it’s now in its 8th year. So far, 34 industry judges have reviewed over 400 entries to hand out 56 awards to an audience of 950 guests.



If you are finding delivering your creative projects a challenge maybe we can help? We offer a free Creative Jam session which help solve many of those day to day frustrations you may be experiencing. Contact emma@myww.co.uk

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