‘This Is My YouTube’ – visually translating a UK programme for global impact.

The business challenge

‘This Is My YouTube’ is first and foremost a UK programme – essentially Desert Island Discs but with video. With YouTube gaining even more traction during lockdown, the timing was perfect to not only relaunch TIMY within the UK but also create a comprehensive visual identity for global use.

Our creative translation

Our initial client brief was to focus on the UK market but, as the project progressed, interest was piqued in other key markets. Due to our iterative brand development approach, we were able to expand the reach of this work to create a visual identity, and set of guidelines, fit for all markets.

YouTube’s B2B marketing approach varies by market so our challenge was to create a brand that was quintessentially YouTube and allowed for market flexibility. Key to our success was establishing a clear brief and brand positioning through considering the ‘bravery scale’ of each market. For instance, the UK was looking to push the brand for their young, media-savvy audience through star YouTubers whereas the US would tread closer to key brand colours for their CMO-lead content series. Establishing the right milestones for the key markets gave us clear parameters to work within to create an inspirational but approachable programme visual identity.

The impact

The new brand has enabled YouTube to visually connect campaigns that once seemed disparate under the ‘This Is My YouTube’ programme banner.
  • Clarity on brand vision and flexibility according to market bravery
  • Self-Service Brand Book to be shared with global agencies
  • First campaign application of the expanded YouTube palette and patterns