Turning an OOH campaign into a seasonal pop-up.

The business challenge

In late 2019 YouTube launched the third edition of their flagship B2B campaign ‘More Than Just Viewers’ and wanted to excite their sales teams with the campaign messaging. Following not long after a Google Search activation we created, involving a live theatrical experience, we needed to step up again to turn this activation into the talk of the office and influence the sales team’s sales activities.

Our creative translation

Building from insight and feedback from previous successful activations, it became clear that we needed to celebrate the fun nature of YouTube while enthusing the sales team to take the story to their clients. We picked our key insight from the wider campaign and focused on ‘celebrating the unique connection YouTube has with its viewers when they are in the moment/zone/fired up.’

After our D.E.E.P Dive™ workshop with YouTube stakeholders, we followed an iterative process to develop an immersive YouTube space, The Alpine Lodge, that would pop up for 6 weeks at Google’s UK HQ. Key to our success was keeping the office facilities team engaged in the project and, in fact, they were as excited as we were about pushing the boundaries of what had been done before.

The impact

Within a week of launch, the Alpine Lodge presented by YouTube had started engaging employees and clients with the campaign messaging, with fantastic feedback from stakeholders.
  • Engaging, seasonal activation
  • High footfall in Alpine Lodge
  • Memorable experience for employees and clients