ProActiv: Reconnecting a long-standing brand with its target audience.

The business challenge

Upfield wanted to position ProActiv as the leading health enhancement brand, highlighting its natural efficacy. New life needed to be breathed into the brand to create a fresh look and feel which would work across all key markets and reconnect with their 55y/o+ audience.

Our creative translation

Following our Inside Out™ process, we kicked off with a half-day workshop, bringing together key stakeholders to understand the current brand and the desires for its future as a distinctive, standalone brand. 

Alongside creating three Creative Foundations™, we enlisted the support of a semiotics expert from our Creative Community to uncover the right tone and personality traits for ProActiv. The ‘Power of ProActiv’, was developed visually to make the brand more human and celebrate the energy and active nature of the target audience.

The impact

The final personality traits from this exercise resonate so deeply with the marketing team that they have been incorporated into the brand’s overall marketing structure.
  • Vibrant personality traits
  • Alignment with their audience
  • Marketing foundations