Capturing the hearts of B2B clients through emotive event branding.

The business challenge

Google needed to build relationships and trust with their B-Level key customers to achieve revenue targets. They chose to emulate a Google US programme and needed to revamp an established event brand and format for the UK audience – the Insider Programme. The existing programme was not known in the UK and was lacking visual impact. The challenge of transforming this programme into an exciting event was set.

Our creative translation

Creating the event brand North Star was our first port of call – from this, the execution of the event as a whole could evolve. We engaged three of our strongest branding designers from our Creative Community™ to evolve the existing programme brand into a vibrant, ‘Googley’, visual identity.

From this, a comprehensive branding Kit of Parts™ was created and strategic event principles that Google, and their agencies, needed to activate this event. We partnered with Google’s preferred production agency to execute all event graphic design – from personalised participant agendas to animations that enlivened the plenary room.

The impact

The inaugural UK Insider Programme received rave reviews from attendees and strengthened key sales relationships. The strategy behind this event has provided a roadmap for the programme.
We are now evolving the branding for Insider Programme 2020 – watch this space!
  • End-to-end creative story
  • Vibrant visual identity
  • Design of 30+ event assets