Is your brand human enough after all?

by Emma Sexton.

6 May 2021.

We might be embracing robots in real life, but the last year has seen an acceleration in consumer connection with brands that embody human character traits. Nowadays, if you want to create a consistent brand experience, it is simply not enough to have a consistent brand. You also need to create a brand experience, which means understanding how it behaves, as a person.


In this article, we explore the three steps to doing just that, the method we have used to bring these experiences to brands as recognisable as Google and YouTube, and as diverse as Silicon Valley Bank and the National Nuclear Laboratory.

Image: TalentCulture

First up: Characterise the brand, and define its personality

A lot of people use archetypes, but we think that this limits the brand’s potential, because the system is limited by the 8 to 12 established archetypes. We like to dig deeper, because we think the brand is much more complex, as multifaceted as a human being. It’s easy to define what the brand’s formal, ‘corporate’ personality might be at a conference. But how about at a Saturday evening BBQ with an ice-cold beer in hand?

Map out your 360 brand touch points

Branding evolved long ago, from being a logo and a selection of typefaces to being an all-encompassing experience. Every interaction is an opportunity, and the only way to stand out in a busy marketplace is through your brand, which means that every tiny touchpoint needs to be considered. Before you can reexamine how they appear, you need to first itemise every point at which the brand interacts with the consumer in an exhaustive list, to ensure no opportunity is missed.

Let’s consider a real project example with our client Google.

Google needed to build relationships with their B-Level key customers to achieve revenue targets. They chose to emulate a Google US programme and needed to revamp an established event brand and format for the UK audience – the Insider Programme. The existing programme was not known in the UK and was limited in its current visual impact.

We worked with Google to establish the event brand North Star and develop the event visual identity. In addition to creating a self-serve Kit of Parts, we partnered with Google and their event production partner to establish strategic event principles.

By mapping out the attendee experience and understanding all the touchpoints, we were able to inject the event brand and Google ‘magic’ into every step of their brand journey. Read more here >

Establish your Creative North Star

How your touchpoints behave, sound, look, feel, smell, taste even, determines how the consumer interacts with and feels towards your brand. Now you have an exhaustive list of touchpoints, you can bring them to life using your Creative North Star. This tool helps you to decide how your brand is going to show up at each of those touchpoints, to avoid inconsistencies and missed opportunities. 

Our free, bite-size e-course

We have taken our insights from three years of adding the creative ‘magic’ to Google’s B2B brand experiences, and have put them together into a free bite-size e-course.

Our course gives you valuable tools to achieving a compelling and truly human brand experience. The bite-size modules expand on the key steps detailed above and are injected with our inside knowledge, case studies and best practices. It’s written for a diverse range of companies in mind, with practical tips for you and your team to leverage, enabling you to be more creative with your B2B Brand Experiences. 

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