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by Emma Sexton.

26 May 2020.

While it is always good to be efficient, the chaos we find ourselves in right now means that we need to be even more resourceful. We are doing as much as we can, with as little as possible. Having 100% clarity on the end destination for any project is the answer, but this isn’t always easy when pulling together a creative brief.

We are in a situation where most creatives are not taught anything about business, and most business books don’t teach us anything about delivering creative work.

In Up To The Light’s recent report ‘What Clients Think 2019-20’ the survey suggested 80% of clients believe their businesses would benefit from higher levels of creativity. However, when we ask new clients about their current briefing process often they would only score themselves a low 6/10. This impacts on the creative work produced by their agencies which they also scored a 6/10 for delivering against their business objectives.

At MYWW™ we set out to demystify the design and creative world. Why shouldn’t our clients be able to deliver their creative projects seamlessly?

Our process always starts without an expectation that our clients should be solely responsible for the creative brief. We see it as our job to understand you and your brand sufficiently to be able to co-create this with you. Our pioneering Inside Out™ process has been designed to achieve this. It is based on our team’s combined 60 years experience from working agency side and leading in-house creative teams. Our unique vantage point means we know the key questions to ask, and we have even developed some specific ones of our own.

Let us help you to do more with less. Take advantage of our FREE creative briefing review session.

With budgets being slashed but business objectives staying the same, we know you are probably having to do much more with much less. We can help you by getting your current creative briefing process into the best shape possible.

The MYWW™ team will:

  • Facilitate a 45 minute Zoom call with you and any key team members.
  • Review your briefing process to make sure you are asking the right questions.
  • Make suggestions on what could be improved or edited.
  • Give you ideas for working smarter with your in-house creatives, freelancers or agencies.

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