Are we the laziest agency that you’ll ever work with?

by Anna Willatt.

17 August 2020.

Have we got you with our click-bait title? Well, hello; it’s not a completely nonsense heading, let me explain. While many agencies like making life a bit complicated for their clients, and themselves in the same breath, we like life to be as easy as possible. We really do want to do the least amount of work possible – and have a few ‘Weekly Status Catch Ups’ with you as we possibly can. No offence.

What this does mean is that we’re experts at getting things right from the beginning – understanding what you are looking to achieve and getting us all on the same page for deadlines and sign-offs. A bit of ruthless project planning and R&R scoping can go a long way, as dull as that 2-hour Kick-Off Chat can sometimes be. As our Account Lead, my main KPI is to ensure that we’re never halfway through a project with a lurid coloured GANT chart that nobody really understands – or a brief that can’t be summarised in a few lines.

Our remote-first set up helps to keep us honest. With no Nespresso machine to gather around in ‘team catch-ups’, our internal project communication is to the point, our creative teams contracted per project and kept to mini-deadlines. You won’t find us inflating turnaround times as we’re clocking off for an agency all-hands meeting that ends up in the pub. We’d much rather get the work done and get on with our lives.

Internally, we refer to our processes as ‘ninja’ – efficient approaches, honed through years of experience. Across our core team, we have 60 years of knowledge from working agency-side as well as in-house – there’s not much that can happen in a creative process that we haven’t seen before and silenced.

You may find yourself adopting some of our practices as a result of working with us. Our plan is to leave you better than we found you by helping some of the processes to seep in, as if by osmosis. Again, this supports our end goal of doing as little work as possible. If this is reading a little cold and calculated, well, I guess it is. We want to be your creative partners and to see you succeed – there’s no need why that should be an ordeal for any of us.

Need more convincing to come around to our way of thinking?

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