2018 - The Shortlist

We are pleased to announce the shortlist for the UK’s only In-House Design Awards 2018.

Winner's will be announce at the evening awards ceremony on Wednesday 7th November. Tickets are FREE with pizza and drinks included but it is guest-list only.

Register for your place here.

Best Project Award

Anthony Nolan - Hero Project
OLIVER/The Guardian - Soulmates
National Trust - Places That Make Us
MediaCom - Powering Progress
On The Beach - Creating The Perfect Holiday

Best Internal Rebrand/Brand Development

Chapman Taylor - Company Rebrand
Mr Lees - In-House Re-brand
Pentland Brands - New Identity
Scope - Rebrand
Titan Travel - Brand Development

Impact on the overall business

On The Beach
Mr Lees
Pentland Brands
Chapman Taylor

Best Example of Internal Collaboration within the Business

On The Beach
Anthony Nolan
National Trust
Pentland Brands

Best Example of External Collaboration

Anthony Nolan - Be A Life Saver Campaign
Chapman Taylor - Chapman Taylor Company Website
OLIVER/The Guardian - Rebrand
Ellesse - AW18 Global Campaign
MediaCom - Powering Progress

What’s a great idea

OLIVER/The Guardian - Rebrand
OLIVER/The Guardian - The Media Planner
National Trust - The Places That Make Us
Pentland Brands Ellesse - AW18 Global Campaign
Pentland Brands Canterbury - One Team Powered Up

Design for good

Cancer Research UK - Preventable Cancer Cases
Royal Shakespeare Company - Shakespeare Learning Zone
Scope - New Brand & Visual Identity
Pentland Brands - Speedo H20 Active



Will you be joining our hall of Fame?

Pentland Brands, Wellcome, Savills, Royal Shakespeare Company, Twitter and Marie Curie are all previous winners.


Winners of 2017

Best Project Award
Pentland Brands: Materialise

Best Internal Rebrand
Wellcome: Wellcome Collection

Impact on the Overall Business
Savills: Global Templates

Best Example of Internal Collaboration within the Business
Royal Shakespeare Company: Stitch in time

Best Example of Collaboration with an External Agency
Twitter x British Heart Foundation

What’s a Great Idea?
Pentland Brands: Materialise

Design for Good
Marie Curie