Meet Emma Sexton, the founder and Creative Director of Make Your Words Work™.

She has a MA in Design Management from the London College of Communication and has over 18 years of graphic design experience, working with brands such as Barclays, Boots, Coca-Cola, Disney, L’Oréal and Unilever. Also a qualified business coach, Emma has a passion for psychology and understanding human behaviour.

“I want to prove that you can redesign ‘business as usual’ and make it better – not just for women, but for everyone. My business shows this is possible."

Emma combines her design thinking and psychology in an effort to challenge the status quo and inspire businesses to think differently about how they operate.

For example, Make Your Words Work™ operates with a curated network of over 50 of the best creative talent in the UK: consultants and freelancers, the majority of which have chosen life-work balance over stressful working conditions for a better way of living. Many are stay-at-home mums and dads who, although highly talented and experienced, cannot get back into the workplace because work doesn’t work around them. At Make Your Words Work™ they are rated and rewarded for their part in helping grow the agency and delivering great work for clients.

Emma has a number of ‘experiments’ currently set up – To find out more visit her personal website

Follow Emma on Twitter – @emmasexton or see her Linkedin profile