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Content and visual design working together with the audience in mind.

For your business, that can be the difference between winning and losing a pitch.For your in-house design team it is the difference between being good and great.

We are a design company with a proven track record of increasing pitch conversion rates, engaging audiences and transforming in-house design teams.

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Our Co-Operative

We have a co-operative of freelancer designers who receive a financial share of the business in return for their great work delighting our clients.

If you are interested in becoming a member please email your CV, portfolio and day rate to emma@myww.co.uk.

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What our clients say

The reputation of our design team has been elevated and this has helped them to become more integral to the business. Their newfound creative energy and empowerment is a massive contributor to cultural energy and client attractiveness, represented by the fact that we now have the highest proposal conversion rate in recent memory at 60%. They are the ‘facilitators of creativity’ rather than just being used at the end of the process to do the ‘pretty bit at the end’.

Bart Michels, CEO, Added Value

Just wanted to say thank you again for this morning’s workshop. I have had nothing but positive feedback from all (no mean achievement).


The session went very well – the feedback was entirely positive. The quality of the materials was much remarked on too. Thanks again for your work on this – it really did the trick.


I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work that went into the deck.The final version looked great and the client loved the look and feel.

Your work has been just incredible – really creative and working to some crazy deadlines.

Our client absolutely loved the design – they were very impressed andsaid that this was one of the best we’ve done for a while. WELL DONE!

Our presentation to the clients went really well and the beautiful style of the deck was much appreciated (as well as the content!) Thank you.

It’s been tremendous working with you and I’m sure this is just thestart of a longer working relationship!

You’re the first design team I have ever met who understandshow creative AND how B2B works.


The design of the proposal has been so innovative that it has been used at all stakeholder meetings to communicate what the project is about, why it’s different and how it will be a step change for the business. The feedback has been thatour proposal made the best visual impact that we are by far the most creative.

Director, Sales Team – Mind Gym

Your approach was great – you got our company quickly, you heard our issues clearly and your solutions were spot on. Your design work managed to get to what we wanted first time, successfully balancing creativity with commerciality.

On top of that you helped us understand how we’re articulating whatwe do and managed to help us move that on to paper.

Kevin Waudby & Andrew Bathgate – Founders, Good Innovation